Hunter Price
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New House, Surrey

New House, Surrey

Replacement dwelling following demolition of the existing house

Summary of Site and Description of Development [extract from Design and Access Statement included in the Planning Application]

The existing buildings comprise the 1930’s detached house, a detached garage to the south-west and a range of stables to the north-east.

In 2004 permission was refused for a three storey replacement dwelling including a ramp to a basement garage. The reasons for refusal related to the bulk of the proposed dwelling and its visual impact when viewed from the adjacent Greenbelt.

In 2012 permission was granted for a two storey replacement dwelling over a basement garage with ramp access. The approval has now lapsed.

The applicants are becoming increasingly infirm. They both require a house which is fully accessible to wheelchair users. These proposals are designed to allow full disabled access.

It is now proposed to demolish the existing dwelling, garage and stables and erect a new part single storey and part two storey dwelling with an integral garage. In order to have views over the adjacent fields the ground floor level of the proposed house will be slightly higher than that of the existing house however the design of the upper floor and roof will ensure that the new ridge level is no higher than that of the existing house.

The proposals provide an improvement to the appearance of the approved scheme particularly by omitting the basement parking and associated ramp access. The external appearance of the proposals very much reflects the traditional style of the existing house.

The concerns raised in the earlier refusal, namely the bulk, forward position and prominence have all been addressed in these proposals. The proposal will be no higher than the existing dwelling and the existing front building line will be generally maintained.   

 Main Planning Issues

 The principle of replacing the existing dwelling has been established provided that the replacement dwelling respects the character and appearance of the area and does not cause any significant harm to the amenities of nearby residents.

 Effect on the character and appearance of the area

 As with the previously approved scheme the scale of the proposed dwelling is comparable to the existing dwelling and outbuildings. The visual impact will therefore not be significant and will not have a detrimental impact on the visual amenities of the area.